Portlights, Part 8: Reinstallation

Butyl tape.

The Pecora 895 Structural Silicone Glazing and Weatherproofing Sealant that I had used to recaulk the glass and the butyl tape that I had used around the flange of the portlights solved the problem that I had originally had with leaks . . . almost. After I launched the boat in July 2015, the starboard aft portlight (pictured below) would occasionally leak. In the fall of 2015, after I had hauled the boat out for some routine maintenance, I removed this portlight and discovered the source of a leak. There was a small area where I should have applied three layers of butyl tape (as opposed to the two layers I had installed). In this small area there was an irregularity in the fiberglass cutout that demanded more butyl tape. This additional butyl tape solved the problem. As of fall 2018 it's not leaked again.

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