Hanging Locker, Part 10: Outfitting

Hanging locker as it appeared in the fall of 2015, five months after the launching of Oystercatcher. Towels on the top shelf, cleaning fluids on the bottom, and paper towels and toilet paper on the first shelf from the bottom. On the main shelf is a plastic orange juice bottle with laundry detergent. Here also are clothes pins, batteries, and miscellaneous items such as sunscreen. The fire extinguisher is not sitting on the shelf. It's secured to a fire extinguisher holder on the bulkhead. Next to it is a first aid kit.
Spray bottles with a 10% bleach/water solution, 100% vinegar, and 33% Simple Green. To the pictured items I added, over time, Raritan C.P. Bowl Cleaner, blue nitrile gloves, and plastic grocery bags (used in the trashcan in the head).
It's fall 2018 and my arrangement of this hanging locker has changed little over the past few years. It has worked well for me. I've only added more miscellaneous items on the main shelf, items such as needles for pumping up the fenders and medical supplies such as hydrogen peroxide. I keep extra paper towels and toilet paper in the V-berth mid-locker.

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