Ericson 25, Gallery, Trailer

The Ericson 25, especially in its common, centerboard configuration, is designed to be trailered to one's desired cruising location. For this reason, trailers are important to many an Ericson 25 owner. The images below show the Ericson 25 sitting on a trailer. There are also several images of individual trailers independent of the boat. I'm providing these images - of boats other than my own Ericson 25, Oystercatcher - to other owners or potential owners of the Ericson 25. These images are not arranged in any certain order. Almost all of them show the Ericson 25, centerboard version. There are, however, some images of the fixed keel version of the boat, but there are no images of the Ericson 25 Plus, which is an entirely different vessel. I hope that this gallery of Ericson 25s will be of some use to you as you consider your trailer options, now or in the future.

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