Ericson 25, Gallery, Berth Extensions

This gallery concerns berth extensions for the Ericson 25. Ericson Yachts, in the 1970s, offered berth extensions as an option at the time of purchase. These solid mahogany berth extensions were designed solely for the starboard settee/berth in the main salon. This starboard side berth was already somewhat wider than the port side berth. The berth extension, however, made this better berth even better. Some Ericson 25 owners have designed their own berth extensions for the port side, in imitation of the starboard side. These we see at the bottom of this gallery. All of these images concern Ericson 25s other than Oystercatcher, my own Ericson 25. I provide them to others simply for educational purposes.

It's possible that the berth extensions pictured above and below are factory originals. Although designed for the starboard side, it would be possible to install a factory original berth extension on the port side. Note especially the picture below. There is no berth extension present on the starboard side. The one on the port side does not project fully aft, toward the galley. This shortened end normally is forward, on the starboard side, and allows for the stowage of the main salon table against the bulkhead.

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