Air Conditioner Box, Construction


The pictures below depict the step by step process by which I constructed an air conditioner box for my Ericson 25, Oystercatcher. If you've ever tried to spend the night in a gnat-ridden and mosquito-infested marsh in the Carolina Lowcountry in the summertime, you'll understand why this is desirable, especially if you wish to keep the Admiral happy. When time permits, I'll describe my rationale for the design. Until then . . . enjoy.


  1. Great Idea! I place a small window unit in my companionway as well. It has always been a tedious job to pick it up and remove it anytime we were coming in or out. I never thought about being able to step up and over it.

  2. Hey thanks for the compliment Robert. I just noticed that you commented on this article. I can pass along some of the dimensions if you interested in taking up this project yourself. Regards, Roscoe