Oystercatcher Under Sail, Pictures and Video, Summer 2019

Sailing southeastward, closed hauled, with reefed main, through Charleston Harbor toward Fort Sumter, June 24, 1854 HRS.
Southeastward, June 24, 1859 HRS.
Sailing northwestward, through Charleston Harbor, back toward Charleston and Ravenel Bridge, June 24, 1907 HRS.
Transom, with motor tilted upward to reduce drag.
Southbound, down Cooper River, underneath Ravenel Bridge, toward Charleston Harbor, July 3, 1541 HRS.

Sailing southeastward with reefed Genoa and mainsail struck in 17 knot winds, through Charleston Harbor toward Fort Sumter, July 8.

Southbound on the Beaufort River near Port Royal, South Carolina, July 13, 1600 HRS.
Southbound, Port Royal Sound, reefed Genoa, mainsail unreefed, 17 knot winds, July 13, 1704 HRS.

Southbound, Port Royal Sound, July 13, 1727 HRS.


  1. Wow, finally get to see the oyster catcher in action! Great videos thanks!!

    I've been using your blog as a manual for the past year and a half in restoring my own 1975 E25 CB, it has help me tremendously and I should be up and sailing before spring.

    If you ever have time, I have a ton of questions for you!

    Thanks -Gabriel

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Gabriel. Hope you've been able to get your boat out on the water!


  2. Your companionway sliding hatch build info has been the best! I was lost on how to build my seahood and sliding hatch before discovering your blog. I continually reference your entire site for my total refit. Thank you.

  3. Glad to know you've been finding this blog helpful, Charlie!