Ericson 25, Centerboard, Diagrams, Original

One of several original diagrams illustrating the basic specifications for the Ericson 25 centerboard
While some owners of the Ericson 25 - those with the fixed-keel versions of the boat - never need to think about issues involving the centerboard, most owners of the Ericson 25 do. For those in the latter category, the following information will be of much use. I should note before letting this information speak for itself, that I've never heard of an E25 centerboard possessing the stainless steel reinforcing plate that is pictured in the diagram below. Apparently, though, some of them were made in this fashion. I would have to wager that this was an afterthought on the part of Ericson Yachts, and a good one at that, because this portion of the board (where the stainless steel pin passes through the board) is the most likely area where any owner would experience a failure. This area, without such a plate, is weak, insofar as the pin hole in the board is supported not by metal, but by cured pour-foam and mat and cloth soaked with polyester resin. More than one owner has lost a board due to a failure in this area. One final note . . . if you wish to enlarge any of the below diagrams, simply click on the image.

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