Ericson 25, Advertisement, Original Brochure, 1973

This is a verbatim transcript of a brochure published in 1973.

Trailerable sailboats are revolutionizing the sport of sailing for thousands of sailors. And the new Ericson/25 promises to revolulionize trailerable sailboating. She is the first modern trailerable sailboat to be designed by a naval architect of the stature of Bruce King and tested and developed in the model tank of the Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute. She is me first to incorporate a speedy hull form of Quarter-Ton rating with a centerboard and internal ballast. She is the first to offer an internal layout of real comfort, unobstructured by a centerboard trunk. Sne is the first of her size with a mast-stepping system simple enough to enable one man to prepare her for sailing. And she is the first trailerable to be built to the standards of construction and beauty of Ericson yachts. She is, simply, without peer in today’s world of sailing.

The Outside

Test results at Stevens Institute indicate the Ericson/25 to be the fastest hull of her size ever tested there. Bruce King designed her to do better than equal the performance of the best current Quarter-Ton designs. She does not depend on her centerboard for ballast — so it is easy to raise and lower, and its hinging system is not stressed by heavy gravitic forces at the end of a lever arm. The board itself is raised and lowered by use of a winch on devk just aft of the mast. With nearly half of her 5400-lb displacement below her cabin sole, she is more stable than many fixed-keel boats.

The Ericson/25 uses a unique, rugged rod-and-gudgeon arrangement for attaching her rudder, and for racing purposes an optional track allows the rudder itself to be raised and lowered while underway. Her self-bailing cockpit features two seat lockers, with storage provided for an outboard motor and fuel tank. The outboard bracket is contained in a transom cut-out, which makes for easy mounting without an operator’s having to lean out over the stern of the boat. She’ll move at hull speed wilh a mere 6-HP motor.

Every Ericson/25 includes anodized aluminum toerails for quick, precision positioning of sheet blocks. Her efficient high-aspect-ratio sail plan makes for swift sailing with minimal muscle required for control.

For racing she can he furnished with rigging and hardware for employing double headsails. Her clean decks are imprinted with non-skid surfaces for safety underfoot. And her optional Ericson mast-stepping system allows her to be rigged and de-rigged by one man alone, or by a husband-and-wife team with astonishingly little effort.

Inch-for-inch, the Ericsom/25 is as fast, powerful, beautiful and durable as any Ericson we make.

The Inside

With an honest 5’6″ headroom, a privare, enclosed head, an enclosed hanging locker, dual settees with folding table, and a galley with water, sink, cutting board, and cabinet storage, the Ericson/25′s interior is unmatched in her class. She’ll sleep a family of four on foam-cushioned berths — five wilh an optional drop-leaf which makes the starboard settee a double berth. With the table dismounted and stowed, her settees make for expansive conversational seating.

There are concealed stowage areas under the berths, the companionway ladder, and cabin sole, with open storage above the forward berths and settee seat backs. Interior illumination is by fluorescent lights. Daylight is admitted through four large side ports and the translucent forward hatch. For safety her thru-hull fitings are equipped with individuak gate valves. All interior trim is satin-varnished mahogany.

With this kind of interior, the Ericson/25 has to be either a super cruising boat, or the poshest racer around. Or both.

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